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Est. 1946


ALP SYSTEMS provide antimicrobial air ducts that are able to eradicate more than 600 families of viral microorganisms and strains including COVID-19.


Mechanical Engineering works: air conditioning, ventilations, heating, heat recovery, central cleaning vacuum systems, installation of cold rooms, swimming pools, hot and cold water services, medical and laboratory gases, irrigation systems, water waste and drainage·      oil storage, steam and fire fighting systems, water treatment plants / filtration systems, gas storage and distribution, sewage treatment plants, rain water drainage system, solar energy systems, humidification systems, testing and balancing mechanical systems.


“Light as the air, efficient as the technology and the one that protects the health”.

ALP System consists of efficiency and efficacy, at consultants and contractors disposal. ALP System is an avant-grande system on all fronts. Its performances make it ideal choice to solve both designing and installations problems.


Ensure and maintain adequate, comfortable and safe environment, with around the clock service in sectors of maintenance air conditioning, ventilation, heating and plumbing systems as well as pumping stations and fire fighting systems

Mechanical and Air Ducting Contractors of Cyprus

  • Design, Engineering & Build
  • Project Planning & Management

From Larnaca International Airport to Marathon Trading, pharmaceutical offices and warehouses, Ewald & Makis Ltd had a great fortune installing and maintaining many prestigious projects.

Our portofolio includes retail and mixed-​use projects, academic buildings, museums, theaters, research centers, residences and we have served private clients, businesses, institutions and government agencies.

We view the world differently, and this makes all the difference.

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